Analytics to Improve

Analytics to Improve

We are committed to working with the social housing sector on implementing data driven solutions. When data analytics is used to its full potential it can transform and improve services. Our team have used predictive analytics solutions which have streamlined and improved services for our customers.

Our Research

In June 2017, we undertook a short survey to find out how the sector was shaping up to the analytics world. We asked over 100 social housing providers on how they plan to use analytics to shape services. It was clear from the findings the sector is also committed to using analytics going forward however at early stages of implementation.

How Important Is Analytics to you now ?

How Important will analytics be in the future ?

What is your current level of analytical maturity ?

What analytical technology is currently used ?

Our Solutions

We have developed a range of analytics solutions that have help the sector to improve services. This is backed by a team of data scientists who are experienced at using advanced analytical techniques.

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